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Access Control System

At Raneye Systems we offer a comprehensive range of access control systems, from single door applications to multi building layouts. We can design and construct a system the meet your specific needs using the latest technology, including: swipe cards, proximity cards, key fobs, fingerprint and facial.


Access control systems are an increasingly popular security solution that many business and offices are implementing. An access control system controls physical access to areas and doorways while at the same time allowing business owners and managers the ability to track the movement of people throughout a premises.

Traditional forms of access control include the mechanical keys and locks most of us are familiar with, however technological advances have greatly improved these methods.

Today many access control systems are managed electronically through proximity cards, key tags or swipe cards.

There are countless benefits to upgrading to an access control system including safety, convenience and flexibility. By installing an access control system you eliminate the need for multiple keys and locks. Through the windows based software system the user is able to separately configure each door allowing you to not only determine who gets access to specific areas but when they are granted the access.

One of the greatest aspects of an electronic access control system is the added security. Traditional keys can easily be copied, electronic key cards on the other hand cannot be copied and can even provide a record of who entered and when. Access control systems have been used in hospitals and government and military offices for years. Nowadays they are prevalent in many commercial business as well as residential homes and condominiums as a way to upgrade the safety and security of families and livelihoods.

Access control security systems are excellent complements to security guard services. Many businesses and offices hire security guards to oversee their access control systems.

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