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Alternative Energy Solutions

Raneye Systems also stocks an extensive range of Solar and Energy Conservation solutions tailored to meet individual requirements.

Alternative power generation can be looked at in two different ways.  The first is a totally standalone system.  No connection to the power grid is required at all, with a bank of batteries being charged by solar.  When power is required it is drawn directly from the battery bank via an inverter (converts DC power to 240vac).  This is referred to as an "Off Grid" system.  This type of system is particularly relevant when mains power is not available, or where power demands are modest.

The other option is called "Grid Connected".  A special power meter is installed that allows power to flow in two directions.  When power demands are low any surplus power that is generated will actually turn the power meter backwards, meaning that your power bill reduces or in some cases the power company pays you!  Under times of high power load, electrical energy is drawn from the power grid and your solar system if available. So you will save money.

We have a large range of solar devices and offer a free design consultation and quotation service throughout the Gippsland area.

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