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Antenna Installation and Tuning

We offer a wide range of TV Antennas and satelite dishes for commercial and domestic installations. We are the only goverment approved antenna installers in the Wonthaggi region. We cover all the way from Phillip Island to Warragul and beyond.



The digital age is here!
Analogue transmissions have been turned off, and high quality standard or high definition digital broadcasts are now the only television signals broadcast across Australia.
This provides a much clearer picture, CD quality sound (in 5.1 surround for selected HD broadcasts) as well as a whole new set of issues that the home user can experience with their installation.
Our technicians have been fully trained and equipped to understand the more complicated digital broadcasts and can bring you the best reception possible in your location, with minimal/no "pixelation" (artefacts on screen, sound drop-outs, etc) to ensure that your viewing experience is stress free and crystal clear.
Whether you are building a new home and need an initial antenna set-up, or your old TV system needs an upgrade for better reception, we have you covered with the equipment and the install to suit you.
Don't put up with poor TV reception any longer!


VAST (Viewer access satellite television)








VAST is a free to air satellite service which was launched on June 30, 2010 in conjunction with the first analogue transmitter switch off.

The service is for remote and regional Australia but also extends to viewers in metropolitan areas where digital terrestrial broadcast is not adequately received. The service is also availible as a caravan kit with a ground mount for the dish and can be registered for travelling to guarantee a clear TV service even in the outback!

If you can see the sky to the north and up on a 45 degree angle, you can get reception!

All of the same channels provided by an standard antenna are available for free via satellite, accessed by a VAST certified satellite decoder. The signal is received off Optus C1 (same as current Aurora and Foxtel service).

Raneye has vast certified products for homes and caravans and is proud to be a part of bringing free to air TV to all Australians.

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