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The monitoring of your alarm system is crucial in providing a prompt and professional response to an emergency situation or break-in at your premsies. Having your alarm system monitored by a professional monitoring station ensures that no matter what the situation - attempted burglary, fire alarm, home invasion etc., help will be summoned promptly.

At Raneye we always recommend that your security system is monitored 24/7.  Not only does this provide prompt responses when you are away from home/business, but it also ensures that the correct action will be taken - Police, Fire Brigade or Ambulance, when you are home.  A Raneye security system is so much more than just an alarm system.

How to pick the right security system monitoring for you

In the past, the only option for monitoring a home security system was through a telephone line. While this has proven to be a reliable option that many customers still use, there are a growing number of households that, for one reason or the other, are choosing not to install a landline telephone service. While many alarm companies only offer this one type of monitoring solution, we understand the need for home alarm systems without a phone line. We believe that instead of changing your home to fit the alarm system, make your system fit your home. With today's communications technology, Raneye Systems has created a variety of flexible home security system monitoring solutions. And we are proud to offer many different communication methods and affordable solutions to fit your needs.

Types of monitoring

  • Permacon
  • IP
  • Video Verification through CCTV surveillance system


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