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Brooks Fire Systems

Brooks Smoke Alarms

We stock a full range of Brooks smoke alarms, including 9v/12v/240v Heat, Ionisation or Photoelectric

Ionisation Smoke Alarm

brooks ion

This type of alarm is very sensitive to quick flare fires.

They are cheaper than other types of alarms and are not suited for installs near kitchens/laundries as they are more prone to false alarms when cooking or from steam. They are very good for placing in hallways to sleeping areas and in large areas like lounge rooms.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm

photo smokey

This is a more expensive type of smoke alarm suited to general purpose detection and is less prone to false alams caused by things like cooking. It works by shining a light on a sensor and detecting particles (smoke) between the beam and the sensor. As most house fires will produce smoke before flames, these are the best detectors to use in a household application.

Heat Detecting Smoke Alarm

These alarms work not by detecting smoke but instead the heat of a fire, they are best suited as extra protection in kitchens, laundries, attics, work areas etc, as they are not prone to false alarms like other detectors. They should not be used in hallways or sleeping areas as they can take longer to respond to a fire if it is not in the same area as the detector.

(This type of alarm is usually suited to a larger fire system and is not fitted by the general public, however we do install this type of alarm professionally)

CO/Gas Detectors

Gas Alarm

This type of detector does not detect fires. It is specifically built to sense buildup of toxic gasses in the home.

General Gas alarms are built to detect buildup of LPG and Natural Gas, which can build to explosive potential very quickly in a sealed house. Very useful for faulty appliances or just not lighting the oven propperly!

co detector

CO or Carbon Monoxide is one of the major poluters in the atmosphere, produced by car exhaust.

What most people don't know is that any gas burning appliance can produce CO if it is not in propper working order! Appliances should be checked every year by a qualified gas technition, but as an additional safety measure, a CO detector can give a very early warning of this deadly gas.


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