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Home Alarm Systems

When it comes to defending your property you shouldn't settle for second best. At Raneye Systems, we understand that nothing is more important than the protection of your family and home. That's why we've devoted ourselves to providing the finest residential security services, so you can sleep soundly knowing your home and family are safe.


Your security is our number one priority...

Raneye Systems provides a complete and comprehensive security assessment for your residence. When it comes to guarding the home your fortification can have no cracks. Our tried and tested security and burglar alarm systems have saved multiple homes from being broken into and kept our satisfied customers out of harms way.

Our lines of home security systems include a complete range of hardware and services including:

  • Wired/wireless burglar alarm system installation
  • Wireless outdoor security cameras
  • 24 hour monitoring
  • Tamper-proof backup systems
  • Indoor, outdoor perimeter systems
  • Motion detectors with heat (infrared) and/or movement detection
  • Standalone CCTV Systems
  • Smartphone apps for viewing home cameras from anywhere in the world

At Raneye Systems, we believe that every home is unique. We customise our security system to your residence, giving you a security system specifically designed your particular needs. Our highly trained and experienced staff are experts at tailoring specialised systems to each home and will scrupulously asses and design a system suited to your residence.

When you call Raneye Systems, we'll be happy to address any questions you have and schedule a consultation. Once we've designed a secure system we'll install it promptly, giving you a secure home without delay.

Give your home the best defense possible, call Raneye Systems today.

24 Hour Alarm Monitoring

As important as the technology and design of your burglar alarm systems is, the monitoring team standing behind the system is even more so. Ensuring immediate transmission of alarm signals to our control room is also a key factor in the overall security of your home.  We use an ASIAL approved and Australian Standards rated Central Station Control room to ensure a professional standard of service 24hrs a day.

24 Hour Alarm Monitoring System and Families

The latest generation of home burglar alarm systems can be fitted with keyless entry technology. They can be programmed to send e-mail or text message alerts when the system is armed or disarmed. For example, parents can get a message when a child comes home from school and enters their unique access code into the alarm panel allowing busy families that extra element of security when it comes to our most valuable asset.

24 Hour Alarm Monitoring Systems and Pets

Your system can be designed with pets in mind, so that dogs or cats with the run of the house do not create false alarms.

To learn more about these and other services available to electronically help protect your family and possessions, contact a Raneye security consultant today.  1300 32 42 52


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