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Video Surveillance Systems (CCTV)

Video Surveillance or "CCTV" systems as they are more commonly known, offer a unique method of detering and recording activity at your premises. Using our years of surveillance and security expertise, we will work with you step by step to determine your video surveillance needs through an in-depth site assessment, complete with full system recommendations and all suitable technology options available.


Imagine the peace of mind of knowing that your children got home safe from school. Imagine the convenience of visually verifying whether or not an alarm event is real or false. Imagine having the option of knowing your home is secure from anywhere in the world - with remote video viewing, all of this is a reality!

Although video surveillance and alarm systems may not prevent a robbery, video is your best chance to identify a culprit and recover your stolen assets. Police often have an idea who may be committing crime in a particular neighborhood, and they just need good tangible evidence to apprehend these individuals. Video evidence can provide this. Through visual verification a video system can also help reduce or eliminate false alarms.

All of our systems come with a 1 year equipment warranty. If its not working the way it should, well fix it free of charge.

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Every video image tells a story and sometimes that's what you need. Imagine the flexibility of being able to view how many customers are in your restaurant or store from the comfort of your home computer or iPhone. Imagine having the option of checking whether your business premises are secure - from anywhere in the world. Imagine the convenience of visually verifying whether or not an alarm event is real or false during the middle of the night - with remote video viewing, all of this is possible!

Raneye Systems is a leading provider of surveillance video technology in the Gippsland and southern Victorian region. Unlike other security companies, who offer a broad range of security services - CCTV systems are our specialty. We provide our clients with everything from a portable single camera anti-graffiti/vandalism system to highly integrated, high definition multi camera setup.

CCTV systems for high security environments.

All Raneye Systems surveillance specialists will consult with you to identify and design a camera system that works for your business. From corner stores to nightclubs, from petrol-stations to commercial warehouses, and from hospitals to college campuses, Raneye Systems can handle any job, even the most sensitive installation.

We specialize in both digital and advanced IP network systems - custom built to suit all of your security needs.


Video Security, whenever and wherever you are.

Raneye Systems allows you to gain a true picture of what is happening in your home or business with 24 / 7 and on-demand video. Get high quality video with our pan and tilt video cameras, archived clips, event notifications, and automatic recording when movement is detected.

These days, we are always on the go. Whether you are traveling for work or heading to the beach to relax, we find ourselves spending less and less time at home. Unfortunately, being gone makes it an ideal time for a burglar to strike. So, we made it easy to check in at home anytime, and anywhere with our smart phone app. Just click the icon and you can view your own live feed from your home security cameras. Also, you will stay notified with text notifications that can be read straight from your phone.

Covert Video Surveillance

                                                        Miniature Cameras           Hidden Cameras            Spy Pens

Are you concerned about the honesty of staff?  Do you worry about the safety of your children at home or suspect that someone might be stealing things from your house? Raneye Systems has a range of covert and hidden spy cameras to watch and record innopropriate and anti social behaviour.  We also have "Nanny Cams" suitable for installation at home that are impossible to detect.

We can tailor make covert surveillence to suit any situation.


Farming Surveillance

Are you worried that when your out or down the milking shed, that you don't know who's lurking around your property? Raneye systems can put an ease with our 20 years experience, we can tailor your surveillance system so that where ever you are you know that your property's safe.

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